Innovation Spotlight Awards

About Innovation Spotlight Awards

CanBIM recognizes CanBIM Members who demonstrate leadership and innovation through the implementation of digital technology, processes and methodologies. 



Innovation Spotlight Awards Intent

The Innovation Spotlight Awards is an annual opportunity to recognize the most innovative companies and professionals in the AECO industry. The Awards help benchmark trends and the technological evolution of CanBIM’s top architectural, engineering, technology and construction firms, as well as owners and building operators as they use digital technologies and processes in their respective businesses and organizations. The Innovation Spotlight Awards attract international attention and help showcase CanBIM’s top talent on the world stage.

Why Submit for Nomination?

The Innovation Spotlight Awards serve as an important platform for recognition, determining digital maturity within the CanBIM Membership. Practitioners globally have the opportunity to view candidates’ work and recognize their respective organizations as leaders in the field. Most importantly, sharing examples of success helps others to advance, while also progressing the adoption of digital technologies in AECOO industries.

Exposure and recognition will come from:


  • Awards and Recognition

  • Social Media Coverage

  • Press Releases

  • Third Party Online Coverage

  • Case-Study or Whitepaper Opportunities

  • CanBIM Website showcase




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