Résumé de la présentation

Fraser Health is one of five regional health authorities in BC working together with the Ministry of Health. The communities that we serve include more than 1.8 million people from Burnaby to White Rock to Hope and 32 First Nations bands. Fraser Health is responsible for 12 acute care hospitals, 7,760 long term care beds, out patient care, surgery centers, mental health, public health, home health and community care supported by over 26,000 employees, 2,900 Physicians and 6,000 volunteers. Fraser Health Facilities Management Vision Statement Enhancing the delivery of care through innovation and Leadership in Facilities Management. Create. Build. Sustain. Incorporating BIM within our major Capital Projects as an innovation tool directly aligns with our Vision Statement. BIM will be introduced across four divisions; Planning, Procurement, Implementation and Operations. Utilization of the BIM process will derive consistent digital data that can be used to reduce costs, reduce risks, drive downstream uses across the life cycle of the asset and as a Smart project, to integrate and collaborate with the Smart city to connect people, systems, buildings and communities to achieve synergies and efficiencies. Fraser Health has strategically analyzed the benefits and outcomes of BIM integration using four metrics; Symptom, Source, Solution and Adoption. In addition, our presentation will provide a synopsis of the process, challenges and benefits as we introduce BIM as a requirement both externally to our Industry partners and internally to our systems and support teams.

Who's Presenting

Qui présente

Larry Harder

Executive Director of Planning and Projects, Fraser Health Facilities Management



Larry Harder, AIBC, is Executive Director of Planning and Projects with Fraser Health Facilities Management. Projects range from new hospitals to minor renovations. This group takes projects through their full life cycle, from concept to operations. The use of BIM has become a high priority as an asset management tool for our major projects.

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