Applicants must review the criteria for the professional certification levels and select the application that best suits their professional experience based on the criteria noted on the CanBIM website. Applicants must carefully read the application instructions and submit by the deadline posted on the CanBIM website.

Application Fee

Shortly after the submission deadline, CanBIM will issue an invoice for payment. The invoice will have an online payment option. Once payment is received the application will be submitted for review.


Each candidate’s submission is carefully reviewed for completeness. Candidate applications will be checked to ensure all required and supporting documentation are provided. Applications that meet all the required submission criteria are submitted for Assessment by the CanBIM Certification Assessment Panel (CCAP).

If the application is missing information or does not clearly communicate the required information then the application will be deferred until such time that the applicant provides the correct information. It is better to provide more detail in explaining experience than to provide a brief summary. If an application is deferred, applicants will be given 6 months to resubmit their information without having to pay the certification application fee. If the applicant submits the revised application after 6 months, the application is subject to a new certification application fee.


Once CanBIM has verified that the application meets all the required submission criteria, the application is then submitted for Assessment. The CanBIM Certification Assessment Panel (CCAP) reviews applications for evidence of professional experience and required competencies. If approved, successful candidates are then invoiced for the Certification Fee based on the approved level of certification.

Applicants that do not meet the required professional experience and competencies are offered three (3) options to pursue:

  • Provide further information for clarification purposes
  • Upgrade qualifications; the applicant may choose to obtain more experience before resubmitting at a later date or
  • Accept the CCAP's decision to certify at a lower level of certification

If not approved, CanBIM will provide feedback and instructions to resubmit the application. Applications for certification will remain active for 6 months wherein the applicant can resubmit their application. Should the time frame to certification exceed 6 months the application for certification will expire and the applicant will be required to reapply and pay a certification application fee.

Certification Fee

For applications that are assessed and approved at the certification level applied for by the applicant, CanBIM will automatically issue an invoice for the certification fee for the corresponding certification level.  For applications that are approved at a lower or higher level than applied for by the applicant, CanBIM requires a written acceptance of the CCAP’s decision prior to sending an invoice for the certification fee. Once payment is received CanBIM will begin the process to deliver the certification package.

Certificate Delivery

Upon receipt of payment, CanBIM will deliver the certification package by mail or at one of the CanBIM events. CanBIM will use the mailing address provided in the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform CanBIM if they wish to receive their certification package at an upcoming session. CanBIM will not deliver the certification package until the certification fee is received.