Renewal Requirements

Applicants that do not meet the required professional experience and competencies are offered three (3) options to pursue:

  • Participation in online or in-class courses, workshops, or seminars
  • Attending conferences, symposiums
  • Conducting a presentation or teach a class
  • Writing and publishing an article, book or white-paper

Certified professionals must submit a completed CPD form by the certification expiry date noted in your personal account on the CanBIM website.

CPD Hours & Forms

Calculating and accumulating CPD hours depends on the activity and varies based on applicant involvement. For a breakdown of CPD hour allowances see the CPD form. To maintain certification CanBIM has determined that the following CPD hours are required over a 2-year period (please note, in September 2018 CanBIM increased the number of required CPD hours to more appropriately reflect the level of competency required by industry).

CPD hours required (for certifications issued before September 2018)

CanBIM P1 — 10

CanBIM P2 — 15

CanBIM P2 — 15

CanBIM CP — 20

Download form

CPD hours required (for certifications issued after September 2018)

CanBIM P1 — 15

CanBIM P2 — 20

CanBIM P3 — 25

CanBIM CP — 30

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Renewal Process

  • Select, complete and submit the appropriate CPD form.
Renewal fee
  • The invoice will arrive shortly after the submission deadline.
  • Payment must be received before the review process can begin.
  • Submissions are reviewed for completeness.
  • Complete applications are submitted for assessment.
  • The CanBIM Certification Assessment Panel (CCAP) reviews applications.
  • A decision is made and submitted to the applicant.
Certificate delivery
  • Approved applicants will receive their Certification package by mail or at an upcoming Session.

Renewal Fees


Renewal fee — CA$50


Renewal fee — CA$100