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Statement of Purpose


As the national growth of CanBIM steadily matures and membership increases so does our commitment to the organizations goals and objectives both nationally and, as a result of our global economy, ultimately internationally. As the active voice of BIM in Canada we are positioned to expand our influence and expertise as BIM leaders to the international stage, ultimately having influence in the development of international BIM standards, resources, education and certification. All the while closely adhering closely to our mission, strategy, and goals. 

  • Develop a relationship with international BIM organizations and/or leaders.

  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources.

  • Promote CanBIM as the Canadian BIM leaders internationally.

  • Promote CanBIM Certification at the International level.




To further promote CanBIM on the international stage as non-partisan leaders in BIM. (CanBIM Goals)

This can be achieved by:

  • Promoting BIM in the AEC industry by reaching out to international BIM organizations.

  • Collaboration of resources and knowledge with similar International organizations.

  • Promote CanBIM certification as an international certification solution recognized by global BIM organizations.

  • Partner with global BIM organizations in the development of internationally recognized BIM Standards.

    • Training

    • Knowledge resources

      • Sharing of knowledge bank and resources

      • White papers

    • Content resources

      • Standards

      • Templates

      • Content


These goals can be achieved by:

  1. Connecting with International BIM leaders and organizations.

  2. Developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each organization on the sharing of knowledge and development.

  3. Foster an environment of open collaboration and communication with international industry stakeholders who are located within Canada.

  4. Align our goals and objectives with international BIM organizations.

  5. Assist in any way possible to produce a tangible working BIM international standard.



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