CanBIM project site tours are a guided opportunity to see how technology and innovation are being implemented in the field. From active job sites to completed projects, CanBIM works with its members to showcase the most innovative projects.


Get an up close and personal look at an innovative project where BIM/VDC technology and processes are being implemented. Hear from the project leaders as they offer a presentation and a guided tour of the project site. Seating is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis. Don’t hesitate to book the next tour early!

Interested in hosting a Tour?

CanBIM Tours are a great marketing opportunity to showcase your project!

Below is a list of requirements to host a tour:

  • We require Tours that will allow up to 30 participants
  • Tours should allow for a short orientation presentation to precede the tour
  • Tours should not take more than approximately two (2) hours
  • We prefer tours where CanBIM can have a photographer on site
  • We are limited on budget so we request Tours be offered at no cost to CanBIM


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