November 13, 2020

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Evolving global challenges are driving construction teams to embrace new methods of approaching design and construction. The major forces at work include a shortage of skilled labor, high demand, and liability for safety and quality. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), within the AEC industry, opens possibilities for addressing the skilled labor shortage, delivering data-driven designs informed by manufacturing and process intelligence, and rapidly bringing new projects online.

Even for contractors that are not ready to embrace full-scale automation, incremental steps are possible. A model-based design delivers the fabrication-ready data at the right time, right place and right level of detail to support off-site manufacturing.

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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly within the AEC Industry
Caesar Ruest
NAM Construction Solutions Advisor - Dassault Systèmes
Patrick Mays
AEC Industry Business Consultant - Dassault Systèmes


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