June 12-13, 2019


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Digital innovation is fast becoming the cornerstone to driving business value in many owner-design-construction (AECO) organizations. Whether digital innovation is enhancing, transforming or reinventing business models and operations, it is well established that investing in digital innovation is fundamental to success. Organizations across the real estate and construction supply chain – from owners to suppliers – are adopting digital strategies that leverage disruptive technologies such as cloud-based collaboration, IoT, automation/robotics, AR/VR, and machine learning/AI. Using these strategies lead to improved productivity, quality, and customer experiences.

Edmonton is at the heart of the prairies and has a pioneering, innovative spirit. We will host technology leaders and senior management executives who are driving business value through adopting digital innovation strategies which will transform our project delivery.

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June 12, 2019

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Tour to Stantec Tower
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Tour to Edmonton Light Rail Transit Valley Line
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Tour to Royal Alberta Museum
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Creating Project Efficiencies by Leveraging BIM in the Field
John Prior
Customer Success Manager, Autodesk
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A critical look at Level of Development (LOD)
Daniel Doherty
VDC Manager, PCL Construction
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Digital Project Delivery - The Practical Applications of BIM, Asset Information Management and Integration
Steve Mahaney
BIM Technologist, Alberta Infrastructure
Brittany Mendiuk
BIM Technologist, Alberta Infrastructure
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The ROI of VDC, OMG!
Reed Munro
Virtual Construction Lead, Clark Builder
VDC Coordinator, Clark Builders
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Navigating The Legal Pitfalls of BIM
Roddy Handa
Lawyer, Architect, Problem Solver, Holoblok Architecture
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Demystifying COBie
David Spehar
Customer Solutions Manager, dRofus
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Construction Technology Adoption, and the Future of Our Industry
David LeMay
President and CEO, Stuart Olson Inc
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Improved Outcomes across the construction continuum
Andrew Sharman
Vice President, Facilities and Operations, University of Alberta
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Beyond Design & Construction - the Future of Making Buildings
Allan Partridge
Principal, Next Architecture
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Panel Discussion: Transformation Towards Digital Project Delivery

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