May 28, 2021

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Bluebeam, a document management software that is more than just a markup software, and if used correctly can transform one’s work process. Join us and SolidCAD’s AEC Technical Consultant Camila Lima Pires in this presentation that will showcase how Document Management Software, Bluebeam can be use used to calculate Cost Estimations, Floor Space Ratio (FSR) results and Time Management. Using custom columns and the markup list, all this information can be scheduled, sorted, and summarized to produce reports and detailed reviews which will save countless hours and calculations.

This presentation will cover how to create custom columns and use them to create formulas that calculate the information in these columns to produce essential data. As well as, how to create PDF summaries and excel spreadsheets with this information and how to link the data between them using the quantity link tool in excel so it stays up to date.

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Camila Lima Pires
AEC Technical Consultant - SolidCAD
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