September 25-26, 2019


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Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing Canadians today is affordable housing. To address this issue cities will require commitment, investment, and perhaps most of all, innovation. The design, construction and operation industries, which have been built on traditional workflows, are poised for disruption. New technologies, digital processes, fabrication and efficient assembly methods are no longer on the horizon, but are already showing us we can design, construct and operate the housing and infrastructure we need, not only faster and cheaper, but more sustainably as well. Join us in Toronto to learn more about new methods and technologies that will impact how we deliver affordable housing and cities in the future.

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September 25, 2019

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Tour to PCL Agile Facility
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The Ohio State University Journey: A BIM Roadmap for Owners
Joe Porostosky
Dir. of Facilities Information and Technology Services, OSU
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Case studies of BIM in FM
Petro Karanxha
Professor, George Brown College
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Latest Trends in BIM Tools for Reality Capture
Mike Harvey
Reality Capture Sr. Product Manager – NAFTA, Leica Geosystems
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An Integrated Approach to BIM
Joris Raaijmaakers
Co-Founder, BIMstudio
Jad Joulji
Co-Founder, BIMstudio
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Beyond the Modeling with Revit for MEP
Scott Buchanan
MEP Subject Matter Expert, Autodesk
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New Technology, Same Risks?
Andrea Lee
Partner, Glaholt LLP
Catherine MacInnis
Associate General Counsel, IBI Group
Jason Lewis
Senior Legal Counsel, WSP
Peter Dempster
VP, National Director, Aon
Brought to you by:
Clash Management for Designers / Best Practices for Design-Phase Clash Management
Yigit Karanfil
Design Technology Manager, HOK Architects
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Digital Transformation through Pre-fabrication and Modular Construction
Scott Pittman
Vice President of North America, Pinnacle Infotech Inc
Brought to you by:
The Ohio State University’s Transition to BIM
Joe Porostosky
Dir. of Facilities Information and Technology Services, OSU
Peter Costanzo
FMP, Director, Facilities Management, IMAGINiT Technologies
Brought to you by:
Katerra - Bringing Silicon Valley Tech to the Design and Construction Industry
Craig Curtis
President of Architecture, Katerra
Brought to you by:
The Convergence of BIM and Manufacturing for Construction: Creating Sustainable Housing at Scale
Ray Wang
Senior Research Scientist and Associate with Autodesk Research and The Living
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Urban Analytics for Building Great Cities
Monika Jaroszonek
CEO & Co-Founder, RATIO.CITY
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Industrialization of Commercial Construction Through Offsite Manufacturing
Troy Galvin
Manager, PCL Agile
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Unlocking Affordability Through Innovation
Annie Koo
Associate Director of Development, Sidewalk Labs
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Panel Discussion: Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis Through Digital Innovation and Technology
Cameron Veres
Principal, Dialog
Ben Hawken
Vice President, Architecture, Mattamy Homes, Canada
Richard Lyall
President, RESCON
Cal Harvey
CEO & Co-Founder, LINQ Developments
Yvan MacKinnon
Founder, Done By Data

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