Call for Technical Sessions

Technical Session are intended to be educational learning opportunities based around a technology, new methodology or best practice within the industry that addresses an industry challenge. CanBIM technical sessions should be engaging, interactive and informative.

Presentation Criteria

Required Criteria:

  1. Must outline a minimum of Four (4) Educational Learning Objectives.
  2. Must be a minimum of One (1) hour of strictly educational content.
  3. Presenters must have qualified experience in the subject matter and must provide a CV/Resume with this submission form that demonstrates speaking experience.
  4. For presenters with an innovative technology (software or hardware), method or workflow we requirethat the topic be relevant to real-world BIM.
  5. Presentations materials must be cleared for public use by the presenter.
  6. Presentations cannot be “sales pitches” or marketing presentations. All demonstrations and marketing type information must be presented after the first hour of the presentation.
  7. CanBIM reserves the right to final review and approval.
  8. Must be able to complete the submission form.
  9. As a not-for-profit, we ask that costs of travel and accommodation are covered by the presenter’s company. They will be listed as a Supporting Event Sponsor for supporting the event in this way.

Presentation Guidelines

CanBIM is specifically interested in hearing about:

  • How innovation was created by the use or implementation of technology
  • Challenges encountered through implementation
  • Value and benefit created that has benefited the client, if applicable
  • Clarification on how the technology was used in conjunction with BIM
  • Evaluation of implementation processes and methodologies
  • Examples and citing processes is required

Preference will be given to presentations that have relevance or application of BIM and information that pertains to the local building industry of the event host city (not mandatory, but preferred).

Technical Requirements

  • Sessions to be 90 minutes with minimum 60-minute educational presentation and 30-minute follow-up Q&A and or product demonstrations
  • Presentations are a required deliverable prior to the event (see event page for deadlines)
  • PDF versions of presentations are also required prior to the event (same deadline as above)
  • All Powerpoint presentations must be in 16X9 format (we will not accept 4X3 Presentations)
  • Any video files embedded in the Powerpoint must also be delivered as a separate file in advance of the event. All videos should be 1920x1080 (16x9) ratio in .MP4 or .MOV please avoid using .WMV file
    formats if possible.