CanBIM Industry Outsourcing Directory

Looking for a BIM outsourcing partner for your next BIM project?


This can be a task that can tie up your valuable time. CanBIM’s General Contractors Steering Committee has compiled a BIM Outsourcing Directory that will be made available on our CanBIM website to CanBIM Members. BIM service providers are asked to fill out a form that contains information on the type of services they provide and their experience, which will be made available to our members to review. Although we have assisted on reducing your time to search who is available, you will still need to assess their abilities and hire the company you feel is best suited for your project. CanBIM will not validate or recommend these companies, CanBIM is providing information on companies and the services they offer, we do not make any reccomendations. The outsourcing list will be prioritized to showcase CanBIM members first, followed by Canadian based companies and then by alpha-numeric order. 


Want to be listed on our CanBIM Outsourcing Directory? Fill out the  Outsourcing Application Today!

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