Organization Membership Value

In addition to working collectively to further the industry’s common goals, CanBIM members receive the value of Association, Access, and Influence.


Through the association with CanBIM, your company can bolster its brand as a leader in the evolution of Canada’s AECOO digital transformation.

Associate your organization with CanBIM’s vision through the following opportunities:

  • Place your organization name on CanBIM website
  • Place your organization logo on all event screens
  • List your organization in the annual Innovation Spotlight Publication
  • List your organization on every CanBIM event app
  • Distribute and release member news, case studies, articles, and interviews via CanBIM website, annual Innovation Spotlight publication, newsletter and social media
  • Partner with CanBIM to host educational sessions


As a CanBIM Member, you will have preferred access to a vast network of industry leaders, educational opportunities, informative content, and marketing platforms.

All employees of member-organizations will have access to:

  • CanBIM membership introductions and networking opportunities
  • Post career opportunities on all platforms reaching a vast network of industry professionals
  • Submit to the CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards
  • Priority registration to all limited seating and wait-listed events (symposiums, tours, etc.)
  • Discounts on events, industry networking opportunities, and CanBIM Certification
  • Get one (1) free academic/in-house training course CanBIM-Certified
  • Member-only content on CanBIM website


CanBIM Members influence the direction of the organization and industry through our CanBIM Committees and Board of Director positions.

All employees of member-organizations will be able to:

  • Join a CanBIM Committee and connect with other industry leaders to address industry challenges and solutions
  • Take a leadership role by chairing a task or project on a CanBIM Committee
  • Influence the direction of CanBIM events by participating on an event planning committee
  • Receive preferred consideration for speaking opportunities
  • Contribute educational content to the Innovation Spotlight Publication, newsletter or website blog
  • Influence the direction of the organization with member-voting rights (one member vote per organization)