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BIM Usage and Awareness for Owners

Released November 13, 2018

The research group in sustainable construction and integrated buildings (GRIDD) is preparing a guide to help property managers identify the potentials and challenges of deploying BIM to their organization. As part of this project, you are invited to respond to this questionnaire, which will enable us to propose approaches that correspond to the current requirements of the industry.

Toronto BIM Survey

Poll Closed

Welcome to the First Annual BIM Survey by University of Toronto and Toronto BIM Community (tBIMc): “Where is BIM in Toronto?” The individual responses will be kept confidential and send directly to research partners at University of Toronto, but the aggregate results will be published by University of Toronto in an annual report, which will summarize the responses and will benchmark the results against other national and international BIM surveys.

BIM Adoption in the AECO Industry

Released August 29, 2017

We are seeking insights from industry practitioners; architects, engineers and/or construction managers. Regardless of your level of familiarity with Building Information Modelling, We are seeking data on how and where you have seen BIM being used, and what BIM skills are most valued in the industry.

Released August 11, 2017

Benefits, Challenges, and Limitations in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. This project, initiated by the Calgary Construction Association, intends to determine the extent in which BIM is used in the industry and to identify the challenges and opportunities to implement BIM on construction projects. If you are interested to participate in this research, please respond to the survey questionnaire through the following weblink.  

Released April 26th, 2016

This survey is targeted specifically to Canadian Trades companies in order to help identify current obstacles and needs within the industry. CanBIM and the Trades Committee will use the results to align future efforts and tasks to satisfying these specific needs.

Released February 17, 2016

CanBIM is seeking labour market validation to quantify demand for an online Introduction to BIM and BIM Process and Technology course that would equate to the CanBIM Level One Certification.  

We are interested to know your level of adoption of mobile BIM strategies. Please take a minute to share your thoughts and experience. 

Mandating BIM

Released December 18, 2015

There have been many developments and criticisms for BIM Mandates where governments are requiring the use of BIM and 3D technologies on public infrastructure projects. The UK 2016 Mandate as part of the Digital Built Britain Level 3 Strategy released in 2011 and more recently this week, Germany plans to embark down a similar road with the Major Projects Action Plan. 

Adoption of IPD

Released November 19, 2015

CanBIM wants to understand the level of awareness and adoption for Integrated Project Delivery. 

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