A Spotlight conversation with one of CanBIM's newest board member, Clint Undseth. Watch his video to learn Clint's thoughts on the industry's core challenges.

CanBIM: How would you describe our industry’s core challenge?

Clint: The industry is challenged with declining productivity. Owners leverage procurement of construction as a commodity and this commoditization creates siloed behaviour throughout the supply chain and it has adverse impacts on efficiencies. Core challenge is the handoff of construction to core operations. Our industry has an opportunity to apply circular processes and collaboration to overcome these challenges.

CanBIM: Where do you see the strategic opportunity for CanBIM?

Clint: We need to be a purpose driven organization.

Leveraging the digital assessments throughout the lifecycle of the entire builiging speaks to the need of an operation environment. Bringing in new collaboratives to the decision and construction and operations through digital strategy requires change management techniques or methodologies.

Real strategic opportunity is change and information management. How do we help our customers and partners develop these core competencies? CanBIM has an opportunity to develop these core competencies.

The opportunity speaks to building performance and probably requires applied research. The goal is to improve the customer and BIM modeling has the opportunity to service the enabler as a platform for change.

To prove environmental sustainability and financial sustainability are independent. We will improve productivity by eliminating waste. By eliminating waste, we will improve productivity.

CanBIM: What do you see as the CanBIM brand strategy for the future?

Clint: I see CanBIM as the digital innovation in the AEC industry. Strong collaboration, informant and change management. Enable productivity through change management.


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