CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards 2021

The CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards is a unique and exciting opportunity to get recognized for your innovative use of technology. The CanBIM Awards plays an important role in supporting the CanBIM mission to advance our industry and improve our civilization. The Awards benchmarks how our industry is improving through the development of new best practices and uses of technology that support our industry members. The Awards spotlight Canadian innovation on a global stage and showcase our members as innovative global leaders. Join the mission today and submit your latest innovative project, technology, or process!

Last year's Awards were a further testament to our members resilience and innovation. We received a record number of submissions and we were very pleased with the level of innovation in each submission.

This year we are introducing a few new Award Categories and some improvements to our application process. CanBIM has been very keen to play a more active role in the research that is occurring in our industry. As such, CanBIM will be presenting the brand new Research Award to the organization or group that demonstrates true innovation in their work.  We are also shining a light on the Start-Up community as we continue to support and engage this vibrant community of innovative tech leaders in their pursuit to improve the building and infrastructure industry. CanBIM will present this Award to a CanBIM member Start-Up Company offering an innovative product that has had a measurable market impact. Lastly, CanBIM will present an Award to a Canadian-based CanBIM Member working outside of Canada on an International project that demonstrates leadership and innovation through utilizing digital technologies and processes to improve productivity within the context of an international project. Please review the submission guidelines for further details on eligibility for these new Award categories.

CanBIM looks forward to receiving your submissions. The deadline to submit is July 31, 5 PM EST

We recommend reading the submission instructions carefully before submitting. Contact if you have questions.


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