The CanBIM Board has recently voted to open 3 new director positions. Terms of these Director positions will be 1,1 & 4 years respectively in order to stagger the timing of future director elections with the existing Board’s Director terms.

This is your chance to lead Canada’s fastest-growing Technology & Innovation community focused on the built world

While all nominations will be reviewed the Nominations Committee is looking to balance our current Board strengths, diversity perspectives, and continue to add representation from Property Developers, Owners, Suppliers, and Skilled Trades. If you fit one of these categories we encourage you to volunteer!

Participating on the Board of Directors enables you to lend your leadership and vision to the Canadian Innovation community and our broader building industry. You will have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with industry leaders from across Canada and beyond. You will be exposed not only to cutting edge innovation, but you will help to shape the future of our industry. Your responsibility will be to act in the interest of our membership, help shape our strategy and goals as well as, leverage your industry experience and relationships to act as an ambassador for the organisation.

CanBIM is a nation-wide not-for-profit community that serves as Canada's business voice for building and infrastructure innovation professionals. We are collectively working to advance our industry. We are focused on improving our civilization through researching, developing, adopting and implementing digital technologies and practices. CanBIM maintains a diverse national network of over 5000 industry professionals who are focused on Innovation across Property Development, Design and Engineering, Construction, Asset Management, Technology, Research, Startups & Venture.

Nominations Process


Directors must be members once elected. A nominee may nominate themselves if they are a member or be nominated by a member to serve on the Board of Directors.


  • Submit full name, address of the nominating member
  • Contact information: email address and primary and secondary telephone numbers
  • In 300-450 words please outline what positive input could be brought to CanBIM
  • Please Include a brief CV
  • Email your nomination in PDF format to Thomas Strong, CanBIM Chair of the Board and CEO;

Only complete submissions will go before the Nominating Committee for consideration. If you would like to nominate another individual to serve, nominee name, contact information and reason for nomination is needed. As the nomination committee reviews applications, a telephone interview may be required and scheduled as necessary.

The call for nominations closes at 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday Nov 6, 2020.


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