CanBIM Joins The National Zero Waste Council

November 7, 2017

CanBIM is proud to announce that CanBIM is now a member of the National Zero Waste Council.

The National Zero Waste Council is a cross-sector leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda in Canada. Founded by Metro Vancouver in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, its mission is to act collaboratively with business, government and the community, at the national and international level, as an agent of change for waste prevention and reduction in the design, production, and use of goods.

Scott Chatterton, CanBIM Director and CanBIM International Committee leader has been accepted as a representative of CanBIM to the Zero Waste Council (ZWC) and is a member of the ZWC Construction and Demolition Waste Working Group focused on advancing waste prevention and reduction in the construction and built environment sector in Canada.

CanBIM recognizes the opportunity of working with the Zero Waste Council in raising the profile of BIM and the impact BIM can have on reducing waste through construction efficiency and reduction in materials.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a valid organization and look forward to sharing knowledge with our membership and exploring opportunities to collaborate and together have a positive impact on the AECOO industry.


The Council was founded in 2013, in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The collaboration effort calls for a shift away from ‘managing waste’ as part of the traditional linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model of production and consumption to preventing waste in a circular economy – where materials and products circulate continuously at their highest utility and value (in alignment with the definition set by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Canada has one of the highest per-capita waste generation rates in the world – which presents both an issue and opportunity for Canadian governments, businesses and citizens. Every year, for example, local governments in Canada spend approximately $3.2 billion managing 34 million tonnes of waste (source: National Zero Waste Council). For businesses, waste affects the bottom line, cutting into profits and revenues and eroding competitiveness in a global economy where it is getting harder to cheaply source raw materials.

A focus on waste prevention:

Provides a tangible lever to help Canada meet its global sustainability goals and commitments.Offers greater carbon savings than recycling waste.Supports job creation, economic development, investment, and innovation as well as environmental protection - with benefits to citizens and communities.Positions Canadian businesses to effectively compete in a resource constrained world.

For more information about ZWC, watch the video below.