Since 2010, CanBIM has created the opportunity for members to contribute their industry experience and BIM expertise to CanBIM Committees, which proved to be a great way to connect the Canadian building and infrastructure industry. CanBIM committees have provided Best Practice documents and programs such as CanBIM Certification, which is a tiered program providing a benchmark for individuals, companies, educational institutions and students to be certified to industry-recognized levels of BIM competency and process management.

In 2020 and beyond, CanBIM is looking to build on the momentum of the Committees, by recognizing the shift in our industry that now focuses on digital delivery, design computation, introduction to contracts such as IPD, asset management requirements, cloud computing and a need for better collaboration between stakeholders.

To address this industry shift, CanBIM is rebranding CanBIM Committees to “CanBIM Think Tanks” with the intent of restructuring the focus of the Think Tanks from a siloed discipline-based approach to a broader subject matter and process-based focus. CanBIM has recognized that there is a need for cross pollination and improved collaboration between disciplines within the industry. CanBIM Think Tanks will help to support this shift by bringing industry experts together to address broader technology and innovation-based issues that the building and infrastructure industry are currently dealing with.

Think Tank Vision/Mission: To advance knowledge and inform the building and infrastructure industry by producing collaborative, task-based initiatives that support efforts to refine and improve the development and innovation of digital technologies, practices and processes.

Under the old structure, CanBIM committees focused on project discipline needs, rather than focusing on the project phase and its processes. Think Tanks will bring a diverse group of stakeholders together that will contribute to finding solutions for all phases of the project. As an example, the General Contractor’s Committee will become the Construction Management Think Tank, which will focus on the whole phase of post design. This diversity or “cross-pollination”, will focus on the needs of the whole phase of a project with contributions from a variety of disciplines, thus bringing a true collaborative effort to addressing challenges.

Below is a list of existing Think Tanks that have been formed from the current CanBIM Committee structures. As the Think Tank initiative evolves it is expected that there will be a need to form new Think Tanks around new subject matter or process-based initiatives. A minimum of three volunteers are required to start up a CanBIM Think Tank with Board approval. If you are a CanBIM Member and you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up through the website today!

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  • Start-ups, Incubators & Venture
  • Prefabrication, Offsite & Modularization
  • Civil, Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Digitization & Data
  • Generative Design, Parametrics & Automation


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