Vancouver (February 6, 2020) – CanBIM announced a slate of new board members at the Vancouver Regional Session on February 4-5, 2020 at the Pinnacle Hotel.

Clint Undseth, Innovation and Circularity Executive, Helen Goodland, Principal Scius Advisory and Daniel Doherty, Manager, Operational Support at PCL Construction Management Inc. were appointed to the CanBIM Board recently and were welcomed into the Board to participate in the annual Vancouver CanBIM Strategy planning session.

CanBIM also recognized exiting Board Members Dan Neufeglise, Senior Project Manager, PCL Construction, Susan Brattberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Global eTraining and Bruce McCallum, Principal at Aeos Consulting for their contributions over the years. Dan shared and contributed his 25 plus years of experience as a construction executive, helping to drive the growth of the CanBIM General Contractors Committee and many other CanBIM initiatives. Susan delivered long-term consistent connectivity to a global marketplace and had supported all of CanBIM’s initiatives through the involvement and support of her Global eTraining and Digital School faculty, students and staff. Bruce McCallum contributed his strategic vision and depth of industry experience serving as CanBIM’s Treasurer and Vice President for several years. CanBIM wholeheartedly thanks Dan, Susan and Bruce for their efforts and contributions.

As part of the transition on the Board, CanBIM also recently appointed a new Executive Committee. Pietro Ferrari current Secretary was appointed to Vice President, Brent Mauti, CanBIM Director was appointed to Treasurer and Scott Chatterton CanBIM Director was appointed to Secretary. Ian Trudeau, the current Treasurer is staying on as Co-Treasurer for continuity and to assist in the transition of the Treasurer position. Thomas J. Strong remains as President.

About Clint Undseth, Innovation and Circularity Executive within our Construction Industry

Diverse experience with both industry and political leaders to develop and implement technology solutions across the Construction, Healthcare, First Nations, and Resource sectors. Skilled in growing collaborative relationships, aligning business processes while developing and implementing technology programs to serve both social and economic objectives while achieving attractive results. A successful track record at bridging technology and people through a distinguished change methodology.

Currently researching how to eliminate waste to quantifiably improve productivity and profitability in construction and the built environment, with the intention to serve as a catalyst for new forms of circular sustainable procurement practices.

About Helen Goodland, Principal Head of Research & Innovation, Scius Advisory

Helen Goodland is an architect registered in the UK and has an MBA from the University of BC. She brings over 30 years of experience working on transformative solutions for the real estate and construction industries in Canada and around the world. She is also a compelling public speaker, facilitator and educator. Helen is firmly committed to achieving truly sustainable buildings within the next decade. She is also passionate about advancing leadership opportunities for women in construction technology. To this end, she participates on numerous boards and committees. Currently she serves on the National Zero Waste Council’s construction taskforce and has been the chair of the UN Sustainable Buildings Initiative’s Materials Technical Committee.  Helen is one of the BC Sustainable Energy Association’s climate action heroes and has been nominated as a YWCA Woman of Distinction. In 2017, she received the Vancouver Regional Construction Association's Outstanding Woman in Construction Award.

About Daniel Doherty, VDC Manager, PCL Construction

experience in the AEC industry, starting as a construction labourer and later as an Architectural Technologist. Now, as VC Manager at PCL, Daniel focuses on leveraging technology to reduce waste through process improvement. In what has transcended the definition of BIM or VDC, Daniel believes a broader utilization of overall design and construction technology is the key to solving the industries' notorious efficiency problems. Daniel has a bachelor's degree in Technology Management, a Certification of Management in BIM (CM BIM), and is a certified engineering technologist (CET).


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