DIALOG on Designing the 2017 CanBIM Award

October 5, 2017

CanBIM followed up with Krigh Bachmann and Matt Stewart from DIALOG to hear about their thoughts and experience in designing this year's CanBIM awards. We certainly think that the design was innovative and blended well with the spirit of CanBIM!

CanBIM: As the designer and creator of the 2017 CanBIM Award can you share your inspiration behind the award?

DIALOG: When tasked with creating this year’s CanBIM Awards we wanted to create something that went beyond a typical trophy, creating an object that not only reflected the spirit of CanBIM, but also an interesting object on its own. The vision was to create an award that simply and elegantly highlighted digital technology and manufacturing techniques. Creating an object that couldn’t have been modeled or manufactured without these tools.

Geometrically, the idea of the award started with the CanBIM logo, a stylized maple leaf made up of multiple geometric shapes. The 8 awards that were presented were all geometrically different, but at the base form together to create a maple leaf. The combination of a 3D printed base and a CNC milled piece of cedar was chosen to further highlight digital technology, seamlessly combining a traditional material with new manufacturing techniques.

CanBIM: What does it mean for DIALOG to play such a significant role in the 2017 CanBIM Awards?

DIALOG: The CanBIM Awards helps recognize excellence in BIM in Canada for organizations and individuals that demonstrate leadership and innovation. It’s our opportunity to celebrate those who are helping pioneer new technology and processes. By celebrating those at the forefront, it inspires us all to do more, to collaborate and connect, and elevate BIM in Canada as whole. DIALOG has been an active member of the CanBIM community and was honoured when they approached us to design the award. It was an opportunity to give back to a community

CanBIM: As you know CanBIM is planning to have the winner of the Design & Engineering Award design the next years Award. What advice would you give to the 2017 winner of the Design and Engineering Award in designing the next Award?

DIALOG: Have fun with it! It’s not often you get to design objects at this scale, and with this freedom. Secondly, reach out to manufactures and suppliers early. Most industry trade partners and manufacturers don’t build at this scale either, so everything takes a little longer than normal.

CanBIM: What is it about the CanBIM Community that DIALOG is most interested in supporting?

DIALOG: At DIALOG we have been using Revit and BIM processes for over 10 years, but we know that the industry as a whole still has a way to go. We are an active member of the CanBIM community because we believe in creating visions of a better tomorrow, and then helping move the industry towards that common goal. We can help those less experienced than us have a better understanding and help the industry in Canada speak a common language. We are excited about this future and don't just want to see it happen, we want to make it happen. For this reason, we continue to support the community through events like the awards.

Here is a short video of Matt Stewart explaining the design philosophy and process behind this year's CanBIM awards.