Digital Twins: Digitalizing a Better Built Environment

April 23, 2020 | 8:45AM–4:30PM

Event Summary

Initiatives across the globe are emerging to define and develop digital twins to help improve productivity and create efficiencies within the built environment. The CanBIM Ottawa session will explore the unique challenges and opportunities for digital twins in the context of the Canadian building and infrastructure industry. The session will examine diverse scales of digital twins – from asset fabrication to creating a digital twin for buildings, to examining how to develop a digital twin at the national scale and how simulations and monitoring with IoT and artificial intelligence can be utilized to improve our built environment.

Why should you attend?

CanBIM is now offering virtual events to make it easier for our industry to remain connected, while also pursuing opportunities for professional development. Attendees will hear from and connect with industry leading innovators through live presentations, with Q&A opportunities. We will offer our attendees virtual access to our innovative sponsors and exhibitors where they can connect and collaborate. Make sure to register so you can access presentations and content via the CanBIM website after the event.

For the complete programming details, pricing and to register today, visit the event page.


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