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Register for Feature Friday with BIM One

Digital Transformation in Construction

Posted on
May 5, 2021

Our next Feature Friday is coming to you live on the CanBIM new event platform next Friday May 14 at 12 PM ET!

Scott Chatterton, BIM Technical Director at BIM One, will talk about today's complex projects that require a high level of efficiency and collaboration to be successful, where technology plays an ever-increasing role to meet the needs of the project. From pre-design to building operations, he will showcase how today’s digital project delivery impacts how firms procure, design, construct, and operate today’s built environment.

This presentation will include real-world examples of digital transformation in the construction industry, covering a range of stakeholders and project phases. From owners to the contractors all parties involved in design and construction can utilize the digital information associated with projects.

Feature Fridays are educational sessions delivered as case studies, technical walkthrough's and/or product demonstrations focused on technology.


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