Revizto : A real-time BIM Coordination tool that works in 2D, 3D and virtual reality. Q & A with Dan McKinnon - Canada Territory Manager - Revizto

June 27, 2018

Dan McKinnon is the Canada Territory Manager of Revizto. He has worked as a consultant with architects, engineers, construction companies, and real estate developers for over 16 years. Dan worked for Autodesk resellers when Autodesk first acquired Revit and has been involved with countless pilot projects and implementations of Revit in Western Canada. He has worked as a consultant serving this same market in the GTA since 2010. In his role as Canada Territory Manager for Revizto , Dan works with some of the most progressive firms in Canada who are looking to improve their BIM coordination process and bring the rich data in their models to more of their project stakeholders.

Q. Please tell us about Revizto

A. Revizto is real-time BIM coordination tool that works in 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality. The heart of the software is a real-time issue tracker that allows collaborators to identify, assign, and manage changes from the desktop or in the field. Revizto has plugins to operate with most BIM and CAD design software and can be used on PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. Revizto is being used by architects, engineers, construction companies, and project owners all over the world to share and manage their building projects.

Q. What is the Organization’s overall philosophy towards technology/BIM adoption?

A. At Revizto we work with primarily BIM users across the world. We recognize that BIM produces efficiencies, greatly reduces the cost in the field, and provides the team with better tools to explore design options and coordinate with other disciplines.

Q. What are some of the technology/BIM initiatives being undertaken within your organization?

A. Though we are an Autodesk development partner, are technology also works with many other types of BIM technology like Sketchup, ArchiCAD, and Rhino. Additionally, we recognize the importance of supporting the import of more general file types like FBX, IFC, and BCF. Revizto provides users the ability to review a project in 2D and 3D and can link in various source files, we have found that it makes an excellent bridge for a firm transitioning to BIM or for team members with limited BIM technical experience.

Q. What is an interesting project/case study/product where technology/BIM is being implemented or has been implemented?

A. Currently, we have two of our major architectural clients who are working as partners on a major Canadian hospital project (excess of $1B). They are leveraging Revizto to coordinate internally and externally on this project to enable a centralized source for markups and communication for the 5-year duration of this project.

Through Revizto the two teams and some consultants are enjoying real-time communication through the design process that can extend out into the field using our mobile technology to identify and markup issues throughout the lifecycle of this project.

Q. What are some of the major challenges in the industry you feel technology/BIM will help to overcome?

A. Deadlines are tighter than ever, margins are shrinking every year, and the projects have never been so complicated.

BIM technologies enables the team to be more responsive to change while making those changes by simply moving pixels. This allows for better exploration of design options and better coordination with other consultants.

Q. Finally, please share information about your technology/BIM adoption strategy.

A. Outreach and communication. Simply put, each stakeholder in the BIM process needs to identify true quantifiable benefits to make the commitment to work in BIM that is relevant to their firm.

The investment in technology is like any business benefit, it needs to align with the value and vision of the organization and moving to BIM and either reduce the cost of doing busines or to create new economic opportunities.

BIM is not a technology decision it is a business one.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us!