Scott Chatterton Appointed as Inaugural Chair of CanBIM International Committee

December 18, 2015

CanBIM has recently announced the formation of a NEW International Committee, that will address the needs of the growing global marketplace for BIM, thus working to better connect its CanBIM Members and the Canadian Indsutry as a whole to the global market for BIM and advanced technologies. Scott Chatterton, CanBIM Board Member and Chair International Committee, brings a wealth of International ties and has already confirmed to International MOU's that put CanBIM in great position to remain connected to the International Community. The first MOU was formed with The BIM Institiute of Africa, through Executive Director, Vaughn Harris, in late November and the most recent MOU has been signed with the Revit Standards Foundation, through current Chair, Mark Wieringa.

Scott sees the future for CanBIM's International presence as very bright with many opportunities to collaborate and share information. CanBIM has already received a number of communications from other International groups looking to form similar relationships.

Scott Chatterton is the BIM and Quality Control Manager for CEI Architecture, one of Canada’s leading architectural firms for public and commercial projects. Scott has over 25 years of industry experience and has a long history of using Autodesk products as an architectural technician, Autodesk-certified AEC instructor, CAD manager, and now as a BIM and Quality Control manager. Scott has experience as an authorized, certified Instructor of the Revit and AutoCAD product line, specializing in architectural design, and is currently a certified professional in both Revit and AutoCAD and building performance analysis. Scott’s extensive knowledge enables him to create and apply efficient design and construction practices using the latest BIM technology and techniques. As a result of his experience, Scott is a sought-after author and presenter at BIM-related conferences, addressing ideas on BIM workflow, processes and protocols. Scott is also on the board of Directors for the Canada BIM Council. He is a prolific blogger who is dedicated to all things BIM. His blog “The BIM Jedi” offers a wide range of articles on Revit and BIM. Visit him online at and on Twitter @BIM4ScottC.