Streamlining Collaboration in a BIM World

August 10, 2017

David Rekker, senior account manager at Bluebeam Inc., a software firm for design and construction professionals will be presenting a talk at the next Toronto Regional Session & Technology Exhibition to be held on September 28-29 at the Beanfield Centre, Toronto.

Presentation Outline

As firms of various sizes and specialties transition to BIM, they generate a wealth of information about buildings while improving communication throughout the design and construction processes. How can BIM users make sure all project team members - including consultants, engineers, contractors, and clients who may not be familiar with BIM - can contribute to the conversation?

Bluebeam is a company that was created to solve this challenge back in 2002. The goal was to digitally enable collaborative workflows, and as a by-product improve the inefficiencies which are rampant in our siloed systems. Today, 54% of the top 40 Canadian contractors (Onsite Mag), and 83% of the top Canadian design firms (ENR Top 100) are leveraging the PDF platform through Bluebeam Revu. Users report 40% faster issue tracking and 60% faster communication. These are the results we should be looking for when adopting new systems; the technology must enable our workflows, not require us to change the way we work.

In this demonstration, we will explore how Bluebeam Revu enables project teams to use PDFs to streamline collaboration in a BIM world. Learn how to share BIM data by creating and redlining 2D and 3D PDFs, and how to collaborate on files in real time using Bluebeam Studio. Also, hear real-world examples from the CHUM hospital project of how firms successfully connect everyone on a project through the combined powers of BIM and PDF using Bluebeam Revu.

During discussions of the benefits of BIM, two main points are repeated no matter what the context:

1. Digital workflows save time and increase collaboration

2. Collaboration is essential to achieving project cost savings

About David Rekker, Sr Account Manager, Bluebeam Inc.

David Rekker, B.Sc., LEED AP BD+C, is a Senior Account Manager at Bluebeam Inc. serving the Canadian design and construction industries. With over 15 years of construction and engineering experience, he is passionate about helping people find ways to perform their tasks better. Prior to joining Bluebeam, David was a Project Principal at MMM Group (now WSP) where he developed training resources for users of Bluebeam Revu. Now David meets with clients across Canada, helping them navigate the sea of technological solutions and offering proven options for enhancing their digital processes.