Turner Fleischer Architects Leads the Charge with CanBIM Certification

September 9, 2015



After a short visit and presentation from Pietro Ferrari, CanBIM Education & Research Chair about CanBIM Certification, Turner Fleischer Architects, located in Toronto, ON solidfied their commitment to BIM competency by preparing and submitting over 60 employee Certification Applications. At the time of this article, CanBIM is still in the review process, but one thing is clear Turner Fleischer sees value in the CanBIM Certification and are committed to ensuring BIM competency and excellence. 


“Turner Fleischer is committed to integrating BIM into our thinking, design practices, execution and delivery and to ensuring that our clients, consultants and suppliers fully understand the benefits and requirements of this transformative process. We support the vision of CanBIM in our belief that BIM is a business process that requires the sustained strategic investment in change management practices. The depth of our commitment is reflected in our 60+ applications for BIM Certification across all levels of the firm.” - Russell Fleischer, Partner, Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.


“We have seen the power of BIM, have embraced it as a firm and have had success with implementation in projects of varying scopes.  We are always looking to push boundaries and see what else we can achieve through the collaborative BIM process. CanBIM shares our desire to promote BIM and its potential in the Canadian market, and as a result many of our staff chose to apply for certification.” - Steve Nonis, Senior Associate Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.


"The Canada BIM Council is very excited with the definitive commitment Turner Fleischer Architects has made not only to the CanBIM Certification Program, but, and most importantly, to their own mandate to remain both leaders and trailblazers within the Canadian BIM family. 

Leadership is practiced in attitude and actions and, with 60+ applications, Turner Fleischer has taken action to affirm their authority and credibility in BIM and demonstrated not only that they believe in doing things right, but also in doing the right things" - Pietro Ferrari, CanBIM Director & Chair of Education & Research Committee. 


CanBIM will be announcing the most recent certifications in Calgary on October 1st as part of the CanBIM Regional Session & Technology Exhibition. 


About Turner Fleischer Architects

Founded in 1974, the practice initially focused on residential infill revitalization which evolved into large scale residential developments. Since the early 1990’s the firm has expanded into substantial commercial and mixed-use projects with site planning and urban design as key components. Today, its five partners, eight associates and 110 support staff are integrated within 12 distinct departments. 


In 2013, the firm acquired the interior design firm deSignum Design, founded in 1990, which specialized in restaurants, hospitality and retail design. The two firms had worked effectively together since 2009 on a three year design initiative for a national restaurant chain. This strategic union has become Turner Fleischer Interiors which allows us to fuse our individual and complementary expertise and skills extending our design services into a full range of commercial and residential interiors.



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