CanBIM forms MOU with Second International Group: Revit Standards Foundation

December 17, 2015


On the heels of its announcment for the formation of the CanBIM International Committee and the recent pact with The BIM institute for Africa, CanBIM is excited to announce its second international MOU with Revit Standards Foundation. Mark Wieringa, Chair of the Revit Standards Foundation and CanBIM Board Members Bruce McCallum, Treasurer and Allan Partridge, President first connected at RTC in 2014 and discussed the early formation of this MOU. Both organizations plan to work together and share ideas on how the implementation of Certification and Standardization will affect both groups respectively and stakeholders globally. Early efforts have already begun to share information on CanBIM Certification.  It's important to align with international organizations with strong ties to the industry and Revit Standards Foundation is a perfect example of this, states Bruce McCallum.  


About Revit Standards Foundation


The Revit Standard Foundation was founded with the support of a great number of leading companies in the AEC business who are aware of the importance of establishing an effective standard for Autodesk® Revit® users and the BIM collaboration process. The Revit Standard Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal to further develop, maintain and explore sustainable solutions for Revit users.


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