CanBIM Launches Outsourcing Directory

December 18, 2015



In an effort to creat organization and support efficiency within the General Contractor community, the CanBIM General Contractors Committee has launched an online Outsourcing Directory, whereby Industry Service Providers that are offering BIM related services can get listed and clarify to the General Contractor community the services they offer. "Often times it is hard to determine which companies are offering the neccesary services that address the needs of Canadian GC's", states George Ikonomakis, CanBIM Chair of General Contractors Steering Committee and BIM Manager at Bird Construction. 


Looking for a BIM Outsourcing Partner, can be a task that can tie up valuable time. CanBIM’s General Contractors Steering Committee has compiled a BIM Outsourcing Directory that will be made available on the CanBIM website. BIM service providers are asked to fill out a form that contains information on the type of services they provide and their experience, which will be made available to our members to review. Although CanBIM has assisted on reducing the search time on determing who and what services are available, stekaholders will still need to assess service providers abilities and implement their own hiring and filtering techniques. CanBIM does not validate or recommend any of the companies on the Directory. 


It is expected the first version of the Directory will be made available in eary January. If you would like to submit your company to be listed on the directory click here. Check back soon!

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