CanBIM Reaches 100th Member Milestone!

February 3, 2016


CanBIM is excited to announce it has reached the 100th member mark late in January. The CanBIM Membership growth over the past few years is further indication that CanBIM is heading in the right direction with its initiatives. Members are driving progress at CanBIM. Through the CanBIM Committees Members decide the direction and purpose for CanBIM. 


CanBIM recently announced a NEW Student Affiliate Membership allowing students enrolled at Educational Institutions which are current CanBIM Members can participate as CanBIM Members in all initiatives. This iniative is intended to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, giving students a first hand opportunity to particpate in Industry iniatives and work alongside Canadian BIM leaders. This is an unparralled learning opportunity for students and a great way to assist industry professionals with essential tasks and BIM related initiatives. 



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