Verity 1.0: New Software for Construction Verification-- Case Studies in Automated QA/QC

March 23, 2017


In early April, ClearEdge is launching new software that verifies the accuracy of recently constructed work against a design/fabrication model. It's called Verity and you can see a first-ever demo of the software and listen to case studies from DPR Construction and Beck Group on a free webinar Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1pm EDT. Click here to Register.


Verity provides unprecedented insight into a construction project by analyzing and comparing laser scans of what has actually been built against a project's design/fab model. This allows firms to verify 100% of a sub-contractor's work in the time it currently takes them to spot check 5-10% of the job. Verity helps general contractors and their subs find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.


Kevin Williams and his team have been working with more than 30 general contractors and laser scan service providers to create a new workflow for construction QA/QC, utilizing point clouds and Verity's advanced computer vision algorithms.


This webinar will be the first public demonstration of Verity and will feature case studies from DPR and Beck who have tested Verity on recent projects with dramatic results. This webinar will show you:

  • Verity's groundbreaking computer vision algorithms that compare the design/fab model to the actual as-built laser scan data, highlighting out-of-tolerance or missing element


    How DPR and Beck are using laser scanning and Verity in a new workflow to reduce project risk


  • Verity's deep integration with Navisworks and how it facilitates as-built clash detection 

  • The robust reporting tools in Verity which enable project managers to communicate variance details to all stakeholders in a project 

Join Kevin Williams, Chief Scientist at ClearEdge3D, Tim Malys, Project Manager at DPR Construction and Kelly Cone, Former VDC Director at Beck Group on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 at 1pm EDT for this first-ever look at Verity. Click here to register.










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