BIM TRACK First Year in Numbers

April 15, 2017

BIM Track celebrated the completion of it's first year last month. We’ve seen some great growth during this period and we wanted to share some data with you.


We would like to thank our user’s feedback and great response. Your involvement is crucial to us to continue developing the best issue tracking platform on the market.


The celebration of the new year coincided with the release of our Tekla add-in, further developing our dedication to OpenBIM standards to link different software solutions from different providers.


After one year, we already had 2217 active users in 67 countries around the world from North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and more.


Another great highlight of our first year was winning the Inaugural CanBIM Technology Award. This recognition meant a lot to us. 


We differentiate our selves with the “in-context” workflow that allows the user to stay in the software they use on a day-to-day basis and access the issues with instant orientation in the models, filtering options and so many other features like our web 3D (IFC) viewer.


Try it now for free, no time limit, by signing up here.


Wishing great success to the Canadian BIM community!

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