The BIM Sandbox Panel Discussion

October 1, 2017


This upcoming panel discussion on BIM collaboration is entitled "The BIM Sandbox: Successes and Challenges of Sharing BIM".  We are excited about this topic, as BIM advocates we strive to increase collaboration and model sharing which opens up many opportunities as well as challenges.  This panel discussion will have representation from various disciplines to shine light on how diverse the use and collaboration of BIM is, providing different perspectives and experiences.  This panel will respond to questions from the tBIMc community about BIM collaboration.  We will address key benefits of collaborative BIM and hear about the hurdles encountered in the process and possible solutions that will contribute toward delivering a successful project.  The diverse panel will give insight and perspective into how we all play apart in sharing the BIM. 


Our Panel includes:


·        Gary Watson, Diamond Schmitt

·        Ian Trudeau, Entuitive

·        Michael McLean, Western University

·        Thomas Strong, Ellis Don


Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide insight on what collaboration means to the different stakeholders involved in BIM

  • Hear about some of the challenges surrounding sharing BIM, what are some hurdles that the panellist have experienced.

  • Discussion what workflows and working relationships support sharing BIM and collaboration. 

  • Learn the benefits of sharing BIM


We are asking the community for questions for the panelist. You can post the questions here: 


We also have a new affiliation with researchers from the University of Toronto and will be announcing our new project together at the upcoming event!


Event Details:

OCTOBER 18th, 2017 : 6 - 9 PM

Bahen Centre (room : 1170 Auditorium)

40 St. George Street, Toronto, ON

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