RTC BILT NA 2018 - AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED! Q&A With Wesley Benn - Executive Chair of RTC Events Management Globally.

August 6, 2018


We had the opportunity to interview Wesley Benn, the Executive Chair of RTC Events Management Globally. He is a New York-born, Sydney-raised Architect who spends his time travelling to find, set-up and run AEC-focused events all over the world. He loves his job!  


Q. Please tell us about your professional background and experience.


A.  I received my degree in Sydney and after a few years of working for others I set up my own architectural practice. Most of this work was in luxury homes and medium-density residential design, with substantial commercial work and the odd random building type thrown in. I have also spent many years providing BIM consulting services, and then working with the board’s of several companies to provide BIM and technology strategies. I’ve recently shutdown my practice due to time pressures from the work in RTC and in conjunction to this I am now also doing work in Smart Cities development, predominantly in China and the Middle East.



Q. What is RTC Events Management?


A.  RTC Events Management is an organisation I built to respond to the desire of the Australian AECO community members for greater information sharing, and networking opportunities than were available to them through the normal course of their professional careers. The events that we create and run focus only on our industry and strive to balance the need for technical knowledge with the fostering of a community that functions and adds value to people's professional and personal lives throughout the year. We now have 4 offices around the world and a team of staff and volunteers of 60 people spread across 34 cities in 8 countries.


Q. What can you tell us about the 2018 RTC North America Event?


A. I have been very excited about this year's North American event as we have a really broad range of subject material for people to choose from, plus we are in a truly spectacular venue (The Union Station Hotel). And our Thursday night social at the City Museum in St Louis is going to be epic! I have visited 100's of museums all over the world as part of the RTC site selection processes, and this is easily in my top three of all time. It is not to be missed!


Q. What is new and interesting that you want our members to know about?