Mecanica Solutions: An Industry Leader In The Automotive And Aerospace Industries For The Last 35 Years

September 27, 2018






Vincent Paliotti is the Director of Professional Services at Mecanica Solutions.  He has a Mechanical Engineering background and has worked at several different companies and industries before working in the sales, deployment, support and customisation of SolidWorks and CATIA.











Q. Please tell us about your professional background and experience.


A.  Working on the shop floor and design offices of multiple companies right after graduating from school gave me the insight into what the pain points were, trying to get standard products or unique projects out the door on-time and on budget.

Learning from the ground up has been instrumental in understanding our customers needs and how Mecanica Solutions can help.


Q. What is it about Mecanica Solutions that makes you the leading provider of technology services to aerospace, automotive and architecture engineering construction (AEC) sectors?


A.  Mecanica Solutions is a detail oriented, customer centric organization that excels in providing direction and expertise to our clients. The “Whatever it takes” attitude at Mecanica has enabled us to be industry leaders and our dedicated staff leaves no stones unturned. As in any business, it is the employees that make the difference and Mecanica is second to none in that regard.


Q. How do you see Mecanica Solutions evolving over the next few years?


A.  Mecanica will embrace the new technologies and methodologies that arise, and we will use this help our clients be as lean and efficient as possible. To be early adapters to a new and proven technologies is one of the ways to remain a leader in your field and differentiate yourself from your competitor. Using cutting edge technology will allow our clients to remain one step ahead and dominate in their field. Mecanica has adopted the PLM approach meaning we are involved from “Cradle to Grave” with our clients on their projects


Q. Tell us about one of your iconic projects.  What were the struggles, learnings and successes that came from it?


A. We were involved in the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) project. This being a Frank Gehry project, the sub-contractors were required to submit a CATIA model to Gehry for approval before commencing the work. Most of these subs did not have CATIA or were not willing to invest in buying the software and finding a resource or 2 to complete their portion of the project. Instead we were hired to take their know-how and translate it into a CATIA 3D Model which was forwarded to Gehry for approval. We worked with 4 different subs in different fields of construction on this project and the most difficult part was to be able to communicate effectively with the subs as they didn’t have the necessary software to interact with us. We were able to find work arounds which added a little bit of extra work for us but allowed us to collaborate with our clients. Since then Dassault Systemes has worked on a new software platform called 3DExperience which has facilitated the interaction between different softwares.


Q. How will Mecanica Solutions transform industries?


A. Mecanica Solutions has been an industry leader in the Automotive and Aerospace industries for the last 35 years and we want to bring this expertise to the AEC world. The ability to model and visualise what the project looks like is something that most software and companies can do. We are proposing going well beyond this and provide seamless collaboration along with the ability to virtually construct your project thus allowing pre-fabrication validation and       on-site construction coordination. This combination will lead to reduced material waste and cost, accelerated component design, and increased accuracy to eliminate pre-fabrication mistakes and on-site conflicts.


Thank you for taking the time to share with us!