2019 Board Member Wish List

January 2, 2019



The new year is upon us and it’s time for resolutions and wishes for 2019. We asked buildingSMART Canada and CanBIM board members what their top three wishes for BIM in Canada were for 2019.


buildingSMART Canada:


Bill Moore, President:

  1. For commitment from all levels of Canadian government to support and promote the digital transformation of Canada’s built environment.

  2. For buildingSMART Canada/CanBIM to establish meaningful engagement across all levels of Canada’s linear Infrastructure sector (which represents a significant portion of Canada’s built environment), and who serve as essential stakeholders to truly digitize Canada.

  3. For thriving buildingSMART Canada/CanBIM working committees, challenged with developing/rationalizing standards, best practices and resources aimed at facilitating the transformation of Canada’s built environment.


Susan Keenliside, Vice-President:


  1.  Recognition that investment in construction industry innovation is a key enabler of economic growth and job development.

  2.  Recognition that a digital revolution in the construction industry is a major step change with measurable improvements.

  3. Recognition that a national voice for BIM/Digital Construction exists in the joint approach by buildingSMART Canada and CanBIM.





John Hale, Vice-President:


  1. For Canada’s Real Property Sector to truly recognize the value of digitalization, and develop a clear mandate and road map for digitizing Canada’s built environment.

  2. For buildingSMART Canada/CanBIM to advocate the importance of BIM within the context of Life Cycle Asset Management.

  3. Truly integrated FM Handover! Now is the time for Open BIM objects that enable seamless data flow through all life cycle phases (planning / design / construction / operations).



Claudia Cozzitorto, Director: 


  1. Adoption of BIM at all levels of government as a collective effort in the digital transformation of the Canadian built environment.

  2. An understanding of Open BIM and its importance by all stakeholders

  3. An awareness and use of the Canadian BIM resources in Canada already available to aid in implementation.




Claude Giguère, Director: 


  1. A completely interoperable streamlined Open BIM process from project inception up to decommissioning;

  2. A good understanding by all Project Stakeholders of the different needs of each Party;

  3. No more requirements to use non BIM (2D) softwares in projects. All projects to be performed in BIM softwares.





Erik Poirier, Director: 


  1. That government bodies across Canada really buy-in to the digital transformation of the built environment and allocate appropriate resources and effort

  2. That open BIM principles become more and more integrated into everyday practice

  3. That Canada asserts itself (more) on the world stage and showcase its capabilities, consensus-based and collaborative approach to BIM deployment across the country, namely through increased alignment between bSC and CanBIM.




Thom Strong, President: