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April 5, 2019



Q. Please provide a bio about yourself.


A. Andy is considered one of the industry leaders in his field with over 16 years’ experience in the BIM environment. Working on large-scale, complex projects for high-profile clients, Andy has gained vast and diverse project experience throughout his career.


From the start of his career in his native Australia Andy has been working alongside Architects, Engineers and Consultancies, developing and incorporating BIM strategies on a number of projects. For the past 10 years, he has been helping clients in the UK to implement BIM processes, workflows and technologies into their business.


As BIM Manager with a leading surveying company, Andy made a name for himself by publishing a BIM Survey Specification, now widely adopted throughout the UK construction industry.


Andy founded Digital Inc. in 2015 with one main objective (passion!) in mind... to bring highly efficient digital workflows, processes and technology (with a superior customer service) to the construction industry -all with BIM at its core. At a relatively young age, Digital Inc. has quickly gained a reputation as the rapid and agile BIM solution. Since founding Digital Inc., Andy has helped clients save both money and time, as well as overcome countless challenges and bottlenecks, whilst consistently delivering the highest standards of quality and service.


As Managing Director of Digital Inc., Andy combines his knowledge and efficiencies of global sourcing with his BIM expertise and management skills. Digital Inc. is now the AEC industry’s ‘one-stop shop’ for quality, trusted experts, and technical support on demand.