Helios Roofing - Combining Functionality, Aesthetics, and Intelligence to Roofing Systems

June 27, 2019






Louis Lu was born and raised in Hangzhou, China.  He always had passion to experience new things from a young age. His passion led him to Vancouver after graduating form high school in China to broaden his horizons. In Vancouver, he continued his studies, and graduated from Capilano University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing. 


His first job as a field installer and roofer apprentice at a roofing company peaked his interest in the construction industry. With over 10 years of work experience with roofing, waterproofing and dam proofing, he found that most construction site issues were caused by lack of information or communication or actual construction plans are more complex than  the original plan. The increasing complexity of construction hindered people’s enthusiasm of the construction industry. Also,  younger generations lack skills or the desire to learn the skills which require years of training. Louis found a way to combine old school experience with modern technology to attract more young people into the construction field with a passion and direction for their career path, and a drive for continual improvement. 


He has proven to be a company asset through the development of new tools & processes and the optimization of the construction education and management. 


Q. Please tell us about Helios Roofing. 


A. Helios Roofing has been focusing on roof installation, roof maintenance, and waterproofing since 2012. We work on commercial and residential properties to protect different roofing systems against BC’s extreme weather. 


Q. What is the Helios Roofing’s overall philosophy towards technology adoption? 


A. We decided to implement technology in our services since the BC step code launched to encourage energy-efficient construction solutions. Our goal is to combine functionality, aesthetics, and intelligence to the roofing systems and to make an active contribution to the energy efficient building revolution. 


Q. Please tell us about an importance of Green roofing in the AECOO industry. 


A. Green roofing can not only beautify the living environment, but also improve indoor comfort by reducing heat transfer, resulting in a more comfortable temperature. 


Q. Tell us about an interesting project where technology is being implemented or has been implemented at Helios Roofing. 


A. The project where we  implemented technology is in West Vancouver. For more information, please click here.


Q. What are some of the major challenges in the AECOO industry you feel technology will help to overcome? 


A. Measure data accurately; Schedule targets managements; Communicate effectively and precisely; Decrease re-work.


Q. Finally, please share your thoughts on what technologies will impact the AECOO industry in the next five years? 


A. We focus on implementing the latest technologies involving BIM (Building Information Modeling) into pre-construction planning and detailing to achieve accurate and efficient construction solutions. 


Instead of manual measuring, we utilize a 3D scanner for all the data collection from the top of the roof to the bottom of the exterior wall. By analyzing the data collected, we will draft 3D modeling for pre-construction planning. With the data and 3D modeling, all the material will be pre-cut in our shop by the automatic production line (CNC Router; Architectural sheet metal folding machine; Architectural sheet metal shearing machine). Our crews will install the material onsite with the preview of the 3D modeling and instructions on the BIM system. Our one-stop service will improve construction quality; reduce construction costs; and optimize operational efficiencies. 


We are also using energy-saving solutions by applying solar panels to use sunlight as an energy source for daily use. 


Thank you for taking the time to share with us!