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Digitization and Data Glossary

Posted on
June 23, 2021

Industry Challenge

There is an absence of a comprehensive glossary that considers all digitized element and processes for the built environment.  This lack of clarity poses a gap in digital scope in procuring, designing, building, and operating facilities.

Proposed Solution

The Digitization and Data Think Tank will form a Task Group representing various stakeholder across Canada and internationally to create a Digitization and Data Glossary.

Participating Think Tanks

Task Group


Mostafa ElAshmawy

Senior BIM & GIS Manager - WSP


Salim Abdelkarim

BIM Student - George Brown College

Robert Alzuarde

VDC Coordinator - Project Lead - Pomerleau

Santiago Diaz

Software Developer

Dan Fox

Director of Product Development - BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.

David Jeon

Data Analyst - Olsen Consulting

Nancy Kiruba

Fabrication Engineering Coordinator - Modern Niagara

Jon Olsen

CEO - Olsen Consulting

Rick Rolston

CEO - BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.

Alena Tokareva

VDC Manager - EllisDon