Seeking Members

As the Think Tank initiative evolves it is expected that there will be a need to form new Think Tanks around new subject matter or process-based initiatives. A minimum of three volunteers are required to start up a CanBIM Think Tank with Board approval. If you are a CanBIM Member and you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up through the website today!


  • Involve legal perspectives from across Canada
  • Examine legal framework for the use of technology and procurement methods in other jurisdictions
  • Report to CanBIM members on any BIM litigation and “lessons learned”
  • Attempt to analyze and address legal issues raised by members related to the use of BIM


Catherine MacInnis

Associate General Counsel, IBI Group


Jason Lewis

Senior Legal Counsel, WSP


Christie Bates

Intellectual Property Lawyer - Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Michael Casey

VP & Deputy General Counsel - Legal at EllisDon

Peter Dempster

VP, National Director, Aon

Roddy Handa

Lawyer, Architect, Problem Solver, Holoblok Architecture

Nolan Heuchert

Wylie-Crump Ltd.

Andrea Lee

Partner, Glaholt LLP

Todd Mandel

Bird Construction

Alejandro Manevich


Paul Stocco

Partner, Brownlee LLP

Lampros Stougiannos

Partner, Dentons