Volunteering with CanBIM gives industry professionals and students an unparalleled opportunity to connect with forward-thinking professionals who are working collectively with their peers to further the industry’s common goal of improving best practices and driving efficiencies that shape our civilization.


There are many ways to get connected with the CanBIM community, participate in learning opportunities and drive the industry’s digital transformation. The following student and industry volunteer opportunities are available to CanBIM Members:


  • Event support & logistics
  • Research projects
  • CanBIM Think Tank support
  • New Member and industry outreach


  • Think Tank thought leadership and participation
  • Event planning and support
  • Industry and member engagement initiatives

Benefits of Volunteering

CanBIM is a growing community of global leaders focused on the digital transformation of the built environment. Participating in CanBIM initiatives will create an opportunity to learn about new technologies, industry challenges and solutions that will benefit students and industry professionals. CanBIM offers the following for volunteer benefits:

  • Opportunity to participate in forming the direction of the organization
  • Collaborative learning opportunities working with other industry leaders
  • Opportunities to network with industry leaders
  • Recognition for all volunteer participation with a Certificate of Appreciation
  • Opportunity to be considered for the CanBIM Trailblazer Award
  • Discounts for various CanBIM events

How to Participate

To get connected send an email to Laurie O’Grady, Executive Assistant logrady@canbim.com