Résumé de la présentation

In this presentation an introduction to the “Emerging Building Systems and Wood Innovation” research and publication that has recently been undertaken by Forestry Innovation Investment where common barriers to the adoption of the use of mass timber in building systems has been explored. Part of this work has resulted in the developing and sharing of details collaboratively developed by leaders in the industry and populated in Revit format with embedded attributes to assist in making choices as teams develop their wood designs.

Attendees will come away with an overview of emerging building systems and wood innovation, how attributes within Revit can add value to details, how collaboration and sharing is vital to adoption of emerging building systems and why emerging building systems are critical as we move to a low carbon and climate resilient future.

Who's Presenting

Qui présente

Mark Porter

National Practice Leader - Buildings, Associated Engineering



Mark is Associated Engineering’s National Practice Lead of Buildings and has over 20 years’ experience in Structural Engineering and building designs across Canada, UK, US and the Caribbean. His passion for sustainable structures has led to involvement with BREEAM (UK), the Canada Green Building Council, The Living Future Institute and Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure as well as ongoing work with APEGBC on their Sustainability Guidelines, Climate Change Position Papers and Practice Guidelines. Mark was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Structural Engineers for his work in sustainability and engineered wood. He is currently involved with two Living Building Challenge projects, a 90-unit Passive House residence and one of the largest rainwater harvesting projects in Canada. His experience in engineered wood includes, among others, the Owners Technical Advisor for the Wood Innovation Design Centre in Prince George, Elkford Conference Centre – one of the first in North America to use CLT as tall shear walls, Lecturer for the SEABC course in Mass Timber Design and a member of the Wood First Advisory Panel for FII.

In addition, Mark is also the Past Chair and current Vice-Chair of APEGBC Climate Change Advisory Group, a Member of the seismic technical review panel for APEGBC, Chair of the CSA Code for Changing Wind and Snow on Infrastructure, and an Envision Specialist (Env SP) and familiar with the Envision Rating System for Infrastructure Projects.

Before joining AE, Mark was principal of his own practice in UK and worked on projects in various sectors including hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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