Professional Membership

CanBIM Professional Membership provides an opportunity for forward-thinking professionals to work collectively with their peers to further the industry’s common goal of improving best practices and driving efficiencies that shape our civilization.

Website Notice

The CanBIM website is still under construction. The membership application process will be back up and running when we launch the final version of the website. If you would like to apply for membership, submit the temporary application form below. Please contact Laurie O'Grady, Executive Assistant if you have any questions.

Membership Value

CanBIM membership offers professionals to be a part of a collective of innovators that drive leadership, advocacy, education, and engagement around digital technologies and innovation within the building and infrastructure industry.

Membership Categories

Organization Affiliate
  • For employees of member organizations
  • Voting rights are retained by the organization and membership benefits are available to all employees
  • For industry professionals
  • Both voting rights and membership benefits are retained by the individual.

Application Process

Register on website

Complete Individual registration form to set up a website user profile.

Apply for membership

Complete online Membership application form from the user profile.


Identify whether the applicant is an employee of a member organization by providing an organization email.


Congratulations! You are now a CanBIM member, get involved in member initiatives.

*In the case when there is no organization email, please insert name of your organization to confirm your eligibility.