CanBIM Certification Program

What is CanBIM Certification?

CanBIM Certification is a tiered certification program providing a benchmark for Individuals, Educational Institutions and Companies to be certified to nationally standardized and recognized levels of BIM Competency and Process Management.

Objectives of CanBIM Certification: 

  • Recognize, establish and guide national industry BIM standards and competency levels to ensure a productive, healthy and sustainable BIM-eco system for Canada’s BIM partners.

  • Maintain and provide a national database of CanBIM certified individuals, companies and institutions. 

  • Establish a benchmark to be a point-of-reference for higher education to ensure that the skills that are being taught in courses and programs are relevant to the realities of an ever-evolving industry.

  • Pursue constructive dialogue and mutual recognition with similar certification and accreditation bodies in other BIM-healthy countries.


Why become certified? 

Both nationally and internationally, the Building Information Modeling and Process Management momentum is clearly growing, and now is a great time for you to become a part of it! BIM and its integration into the design, construction and building-operation sector is rapidly expanding worldwide and now plays a vital role in helping create, shape and manage the world we live in. With BIM playing such a vital part in the workings of businesses, governments, and communities across the globe, a very important question arises: how does an organization assess the capability of a BIM-competent individual they wish to hire to do a job?


CanBIM has recognized that there was no clear way for clients to assess the capability of those who offer BIM-related services within Canada. With BIM becoming a crucial tool for managing information, accelerating productivity and facilitating operations, a reliable and accurate assessment tool was needed. 


As the business voice of Canada's BIM community, CanBIM set out to answer that need. A team of dedicated members identified the core competencies required for major milestones that need to be reached by individuals applying BIM technologies and concepts and, upon those core competencies, the CanBIM Certification Program for Individuals was created.


Certified employees are valued by Employers. Whether you’re looking for a job or want to advance with your present employer, your CanBIM Certification will put you one step closer to that goal. BIM-enabled organizations and companies across Canada know that certifications granted by CanBIM are the best qualifications for knowledge, capability, maturity, and competency.


The most significant benefit of CanBIM Certification is that it confirms that you have had your BIM knowledge, capability, skills and maturity benchmarked to a set of professionally developed competencies recognized by both your peers and industry leaders in the use of BIM.


As a CanBIM-certified individual you will:


1) Receive a certificate that entitles you to use one of the following exclusive, designations:


  • CanBIM P1 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 1

  • CanBIM P2 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 2

  • CanBIM P3 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 3

  • CanBIM CP – CanBIM Certified Professional


2) Join a respected and developing group of BIM professionals.


3) Gain a competitive advantage by being listed on the CanBIM website as a CanBIM-certified individual.

As a CanBIM-certified Educational Institution, Industry Training Provider or In-House Corporate Training Provider you will:

1) Be able to promote to your prospective and current students that your course or programs has been assessed by industry as having met the industry benchmarks determined by CanBIM to have met the needs of industry.

2) Be able to promote to your prospective and current students that your course or programs assure that your graduating students will be equipped with the necessary learning outcomes and deliverables that industry requires of its employees.

As a CanBIM-certified Company your Company will:

1) Be recognized by its architecture, engineering and construction industry peers as one of Canada’s leading organizations dedicated to Building Information Modeling. 

2) Be able to promote to the industry and your clients that your Company has met the industry benchmark for possessing Company wide experience as set out by CanBIM Company Certification

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