Why Join a Think Tank

By joining CanBIM Think Tanks and Think Tank Task Groups,
you will have the opportunity make an impactful contribution to the industry by driving efficiencies and shaping best practices.

You will collaborate with other industry leaders, educating and sharing information, developing documentation and directly influencing
industry processes and procedures.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are a community of innovative professionals who connect and collaborate around a shared topic of interest and expertise. Think Tank members meet monthly to determine the most important and relevant industry challenges that need to be addressed through Task Groups.

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Task Groups

Think Tanks form Task Groups that engage the CanBIM Membership in addressing these challenges. Task Groups are formed between one or more Think Tanks and focus on delivering content back to the membership for industry wide use and benefit. Task Groups are an opportunity for the CanBIM Membership to participate in moving the industry forward.

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Current Task Groups

BIM/VDC Career Benchmarking

Construction Management Think Tank

Digitization and Data Glossary

Digitization & Data Think Tank

Standards Repository

Construction Management Think Tank