Our Purpose is to advance our civilization by driving the Canadian building industry to be global leaders in Innovation and Technology.

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CanBIM hosts live events from coast to coast and 6-10 virtual events per year. All events help to educate, inform and guide the industry on innovative technology and trends. Our live events also offer networking, project site tours and technology exhibitions.

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CanBIM Certification is a tiered peer-review program providing a benchmark for individuals and companies to be certified to industry-recognized levels of BIM competency and process management. 

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CanBIM Certification demonstrates an individual's and company’s commitment to utilize BIM/VDC technologies and processes, which supports digital innovation and transformation in the industry.


CanBIM certifies courses and programs provided by educators and training providers through its Educational Certification Program. CanBIM also certifies learners and students through its Foundations Certification Program.

Think Tanks

CanBlM Think Tanks engage and connect leading innovators to address the industry’s most important challenges. CanBIM Think Tanks members connect, collaborate and share ideas and solutions that improve efficiency and productivity across all sectors of the building and infrastructure industry.

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The Innovation Spotlight Awards is an annual opportunity to recognize the most innovative companies and professionals in the industry. The Awards help benchmark trends and the technological evolution of CanBIM’s top firms. 

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CanBIM produces two publications that highlight industry innovation. Members can have their work featured, and industry leading companies can show their support through logo placement.

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Career Posts

CanBIM members can attract the best talent in Canada’s BIM/VDC community by posting careers with CanBIM. We will assist your HR department in creating posts and boosting exposure to our growing audience through our online channels.

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Become a CanBIM Member

Become a member to participate in Think Tanks, get featured in Publications, enter submissions for Awards, propose Newsletter content, gain social media exposure and get discounts on Certification and Events.

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Membership for Organizations

CanBIM Organization membership provides an opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to work collectively with their peers to further the industry’s common goal of improving best practices and driving efficiencies that shape our civilization. As an Organization member, all staff are eligible for a free Affiliate membership which includes access to member programs and initiatives.


Membership for Individuals

CanBIM Professional and Student Memberships provide an opportunity for forward-thinking professionals and individuals to work collectively with their peers to further the industry’s common goal of improving best practices and driving efficiencies that shape our civilization.

Become a Partner

Join other industry leaders in supporting CanBIM’s mission. Educate, connect and communicate directly with the CanBIM Members to build community, relationships and business opportunities.

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Annual Partners

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