Companies Certification

CanBIM Company certification is intended to benchmark and recognize companies that demonstrate corporate commitment to pursue excellence in BIM/VDC by implementing standards and processes that support digital innovation and transformation as part of corporate operations.

Certification Value

CanBIM Company сertification demonstrates that companies have made a corporate commitment to ensure their staff meet industry determined benchmarks of experience and expertise in building information modeling and virtual design and construction. Certified companies are recognized by the architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operator industry as leading organizations dedicated to developing a responsive, sustainable and healthy BIM/VDC eco-system in Canada.

Certification Levels

CanBIM Professional certification ensures that industry professionals have attained a level of knowledge and experience that is transferable, relevant, and valuable to employers that are utilizing digital technologies, workflows, and processes.

Level 1


  • A company must have a minimum of one (1) employee certified at each of the CanBIM Professional Certification Levels (P1, P2, P3, and CP).

Certification Process

CanBIM Company Certification - Level 1 is obtained automatically when a company has met the minimum requirement. CanBIM tracks professional certifications, once a company has achieved one (1) or more employees at each level of professional certification, CanBIM will notify the company of this achievement. CanBIM will then prepare a certification package to be presented to the company at an upcoming CanBIM event.

Certification Maintenance

There are no expiry dates or renewals for Company certification. To maintain CanBIM Company Certification - Level 1, companies must ensure there is a minimum of one (1) employee certified at each of the CanBIM Professional Certification Levels (P1, P2, P3, and CP) at all times. If employees fail to maintain certification status, the Company certification will lapse.

Certification Fees

There are currently no fees for CanBIM Company Certification - Level 1. This is subject to change at CanBIM's discretion as we develop CanBIM Company Certification Levels 2 to 4.