September 17, 2021

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Join us to hear proposed solutions to some common pains regarding the model coordination process during a project. Whether you’re a BIM manager, BIM coordinator, VDC coordinator, it's the same thing every day. You're in Navisworks pulling together multidisciplinary federated models, doing visual validation, clash detection, putting together reports on areas of concern, and using save viewpoints. You're busy getting ready to send a transmittal off to the design and the consultant team around areas that need to be addressed and fixed regarding the problem. This process is painful and inefficient. It creates a massive amount of back and forth between the engineers and architects around things they're working on – and this all, traditionally through emails, maybe markups, or PDF files. When will the madness stop!?

Get a glimpse into ways to improve that traditional workflow and do so by moving issue management out of its silo and into the forefront of the model coordination process. The way to do this is not by changing your current workflow but by adding BIM Track as a layer (icing on the cake, if you will) that compliments the process and makes managing and reporting in your BIM coordination process a breeze.

Learn about:

  • Navisworks project setup for improved coordination
  • BIM Track issue management using the Navisworks Add-in
  • Using the BIM Track web viewer, giving all key Stakeholders access
  • BIM Track issues, for more than just problems, other ways to use them in a coordination workflow

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Better Construction Coordination with Navisworks and BIM Track
Carl Storms
Technical Solutions Lead - BIM Track
Peter DeRooy
BIM Manager - Maple Reinders Group


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