November 14-15, 2019


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The construction industry is poised for disruption; digital technologies and processes are transforming the traditional planning, design, construction and operation of the built environment. Digital transformation will result in time savings, increased quality, improved safety, greater sustainability and waste reduction. New processes like offsite construction (pre-fabrication & modularization), digital workflows and the adoption of new automation technology are propelling the industry into a more productive and efficient future.

This session will host senior management executives, technology leaders and prominent researchers who will demonstrate how the design, construction and facility management industry are embracing digital transformation and benefiting from adopting new technologies and processes. Join us in Fredericton at the University of New Brunswick, home to Canada’s first engineering program and the newly established Off-site Construction Research Centre (OCRC) – a collaborative research hub connecting industry and academia in partnership with OSCO Construction Group.

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November 14, 2019

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Tour to Quality Inn & Suites Amsterdam
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November 15, 2019

Technical Session 1A
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Quality In, Quality Out
Charles Forest
Business Development Manager, BIM One/BIM Track
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Building Relationships with BIM Coordination
Brendan Lawrence
Project Manager, Pomerleau Inc.
Mark Doyle
VDC Senior Coordinator, Pomerleau Inc.
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Remote Worker Support using AR in Construction
Rodney McAffee
VP Energy & Industrial Engineering, Kognitiv Spark
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Adopting Model Coordination For RFI to Change Order Process Improvement
Ray Roske
Principal Sales Consultant BIM, Oracle
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Leadership and Collaboration Through BIM and VDC
Patrick Lalonde
Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Manager – Ottawa & Atlantic Canada at EllisDon
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Data Analytics and Simulation Applications in Construction Management: Case Studies
Zhen Lei
Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick
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Why Isn't It Cheaper? Cost Certainty vs Cost Savings in Modular Construction
Xavier Toby
Director of Prefabrication and Modular, EllisDon
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Industrial 3D Model Integration for Production Purposes
Samuel Richard
Senior Structural Engineer, Design-Build Projects, Canam Group
Industry Presentation
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Using Technology to Make Better Lift Plans
Patrick Craig
Research and Development Specialist, Irving Equipment
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Driving Digital Transformation in the Built Environment
Brandon Searle
Innovation Director, Off-site Construction Research Centre, University of New Brunswick
Durck deWinter
Senior Vice-President, Bird Construction
Jared Smith
Electrical Engineer, CBCL
Hans Klohn
President, OSCO Construction Group
Arnold Wood
Air Terminal Infrastructure Manager Planning & Infrastructure Department, Halifax Stanfield

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