September 14, 2021

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Is the excitement about timber as a sustainable material driving the uptake of digital design and advanced construction methods? Join CanBIM’s session on Timber and the Digital Environment to hear how innovative clients, designers, builders and technology developers are lining up behind the latest in timber developments to deliver healthy, climate friendly and gorgeous buildings quickly and efficiently.

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Executive Presentation
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Mass Timber Will Transform the Way We Build
Patrick Chouinard
V.P. Market Strategy and Corporate Communications - Element5 Limited Partnership
Executive Presentation
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Digital Building Lifecycle - Taking the Long View
Salla Eckhardt
Director - Microsoft
Brought to you by:
Tall Wood Digital Toolkit - The Arbour at George Brown College
Olivia Keung
Architect - Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Phil Silverstein
Principal - Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Executive Presentation
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A Computational Approach to Mass Timber
Lucas Epp
Vice President & Head of Engineering - StructureCraft
Brought to you by:
Mass Timber Virtual Construction - How We Actually Made it Work in Real Life? - Twice
Robert Malczyk
Principal - Timber Engineering Inc.
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Productization of Mass Timber: The Key to Mass Market Adoption
Adrian Mitchell
VP Sales - Kreo Software North America Inc.
Brought to you by:
Building Information Modelling For Wood Buildings: An Introductory Guide
Helen Goodland
Head of Research and Innovation - Scius Advisory
Scott Chatterton
BIM Technical Director - BIM One


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